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Link Categories

Child Safety

Alabama's Missing Children - Help us find these kids and return them home
Missing Children Information Clearinghouse - Photos and details about Florida's Missing Children
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children - The NCMEC maintains a large database of missing children,with pictures and other details.
Children's Safety Center - Tips for child safety and protection.

BOLO (Be On the Lookout)

Alabama's Felony Fugitives - Let's find these mooks
Gadsden Alabama's Most Wanted - Gadsden, Alabama's progressive Police Dept. on the web
Florida's Most Wanted - Photos and statistics on Florida's Most Wanted Fugitives
Mobile, Alabama's Police Dept. - Facts, figures, and listed sexual offenders
Sex Offenders of Alabama - Search by name, zip code, or county
Registered Sexual Predators of Florida - Photos and statistics on Florida's Registered Sexual Predators
Sex Offender Registery of Indiana - Searchable database of sex offenders in state of Indiana
Sex Offender Registery - Alaska - Searchable database of sex offenders in state of Alaska
North Carolina's sex offenders Site - Searchable database
West Virginia's sex offenders Site - Searchable database by county
Maryland's most wanted - The one they want the most
Utah's Most Wanted - The ones they want the most
Tennessee Bureau of Investigations' Most Wanted - More losers to find
New Jersey State Parole Board - Convicts that are up for parole. Name, offense, term. Coming to your neighborhood soon.
San Diego County Sheriff - Who's in the San Diego County jail? Lookup by name. Also see who was locked up last night. So THAT'S where Uncle Bill is!
America's Most Wanted - (The TV show) Who IS that new guy that moved in next door? Great safety tips too.

Personal Safety

Protecting Yourself From Crime - Learn all about crime prevention.
Protecting Yourself From Fraud - Information on fraud, scams, consumer rip-offs, etc.

6,272 of my Closest Friends

Msg's From the 40's - My friends on IRC #41plus channel (Undernet) have created a great monthly newsletter.

From Here to There

US Postal Service Zip Code Look-Up - Enter an address. The USPS will standardize it with Zip+4 and provide you with the county name.
US Postal Service Tracking - Enter the package number and see if it was delivered or not.
FedEx (Federal Express) Tracking - Fill in the tracking number, and find out where that darned package is!
UPS Package Tracking - Where IS that darn package?
Airborne Express Tracking - In case it was sent Airborne Express. Track your package here!
Door to Door Directions - Tells you how to get THERE from HERE within an area.

Reference Bookshelf

e-journal - Online journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, etc.
Legal Definitions - I've been slandered, libeled. I heard words I never heard in the Bible.
Bartlett's Quotes - Searchable database from the book "Familiar Quotations". ~Oh, what a tangled Web we weave~...No, not Elmer Fudd....sirwscott@long.past
Definitions - 63 different dictionaries. One search. 369,000 words.
The Internet Public Library - References, associations, books etc. The Gentleman from Philadelphia would have loved it.
Kelley Blue Book - Car values. New and used. What IS your clunker worth anyway?
NADA Used Car Guides - This is the one the insurance companies use
Drug Database - Lookups by generic, trade names, and imprint.
BankRate Monitor - Mortgages, auto loans, CD's, credit cards, etc...choose a state, choose an institution.
License Plates - Pictures of all States' tags, and tags of the world.

As Soon as I Think of a Category

Attorney Search Information - Want to get more info on your attorney client or are you doing a background check on an attorney? This is the place. It will give you details such as office address, degrees, type of law practice, years practicing.
Physician Database Searchable from the AMA- American Medical Association "Find a Physician"
Where To Write for Vital Records - State-by-state listing of available sources of vital records. This database gives you the state government addresses for where to write for vital records including birth, marriage, divorce, and death records.
Find Individual Contributors by Zip Code Page - Type in a 5 digit zip code and find everyone from that geographic area who has contributed to Federal campaign committees from 1980-2000 election cycles.
CIA Handbooks - Handbooks, maps, and publications by the CIA. No comment on the "torture section".
FBI Page - Major investigations, most wanted, publications.
Crime Reports - Search by State, county, classification, and year. About 2 years behind.
Better Business Bureau - Consumer alerts, complaint reports...all with no busy signal.
Embassy Directory - All Embassy home pages, addresses, country information, etc.

I'll take Potpourri for 200,Alex

Market Quote - Type in up to 10 stock symbols, and get a current market price quote.
The Dead People's Server -a list of interesting celebrities who are, or might plausibly be dead, with information as to who has really Rung Down the Curtain and Joined the Choir Invisible, and who's Just Resting.
Internet Movie Database Search - Sitting around wondering if you could name all of Paul Newman's one-word movie titles? Or who WAS that that starred in "The Carpetbaggers"? This site will answer ALL of your movie questions.
Song Lyrics - Can't figure out some lyrics, or, ever wonder, "Who sang that song?" This site will answer those burning questions.
The Web Museum - Art, music. A cyber museum. Go to this page when someone attacks the web as a big waste of time, and show them how cultured you REALLY are.
Reverse Speech Page - You mean to tell me "no" really means "on"? Ffuts gnizama si siht.
Police Scanners - Dallas, LA, NYPD, San Diego, Miami, and Plano police, live on scanner. You'll need RealPlayer , it's free.

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